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Where did all the money go?

Every organization buys. Some buy raw materials for their production, others procure services, while some just need the occasional office supplies or milk for their coffees. What is common in all the processes, is that goods and services are typically bought from certain selected suppliers. Very often organizations even have contracts made so that you always get the milk delivered from your local Walmart.

AI Supports Process Development - Understanding the Current State and its Problems

Artificial intelligence and machine learning change the world. In this blog, I open my thoughts on how the DEVELOPMENT of processes will work in five years, in 2023. All these ideas are already in some form so now is the time for process developers to wrap their sleeves!

Tekoäly prosessien kehittämisen tukena

Tekoäly ja koneoppiminen muuttavat maailmaa. Tässä blogissa avaan ajatuksiani siitä miten prosessien KEHITTÄMINEN toimii viiden vuoden kuluttua eli vuonna 2023. Kaikki mainitut ajatukset ovat jo jossain muodossa käytössä joten nyt on prosessin kehittäjien aika kääriä hihat!

Check Your Process Conformance with QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.3

As the Process Mining Year 2018 continues, so does the development of QPR ProcessAnalyzer. In our latest release, there are a brand-new feature that creates more possibilities for process analysis and an upgrade of the look and feel. These additions are a great improvement and provide our users with new ways to get insights into how their process performs.

7 Process Mining Market Trends for 2018

Year 2018 is regarded as the breakthrough year for process mining! Here are 7 trends of the booming process mining market so you can stay up-to-date with the latest development in the world of data-driven process improvement.

AI Eats Your Process Design for Breakfast

We are all too familiar with the notion that AI will be a major game changer in each and every business. As a professional who eats and breathes processes and thrives on process mining, I have eagerly asked myself, how would AI change the business process world? I see a relationship between AI and process design, where the latter lies in the very heart of AI being able to work for you and your business.