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What is a Business Operating System?

Business Operating System (BOS) is a tool to ensure work is focused on your organization’s strategic objectives and is done in the most efficient way. BOS can be considered as a navigation system with five elements: destination, map, performance indicators, current situation and support for decisions.

Kirjoittaja: Teemu Lehto

Avainsanat: Business Operating System, Business Design, Operations Design, performance management, Operational Intelligence


3 Steps to Solve Your Business Challenges with Process Mining

If you are facing business challenges like outdated improvement plans, inefficiencies in organization, no process visualization, deviation in processes and performance, no insight into root causes behind poor performance, this is the blog post for you. I will be sharing with you 3 steps on solving these challenges by applying process mining to your company.

Kirjoittaja: Marja Rajamäki

Avainsanat: Process Mining


Get More Cash Discounts by Improving Purchase to Pay Process

Purchase to Pay is a high transaction volume process that can easily be improved by using process mining techniques. Process mining brings visibility to the whole end-to-end process and identifies root causes for problems in P2P process.

Kirjoittaja: Teemu Lehto

Avainsanat: Process Mining


Should process mining be in your BPM roadmap?

Are you wondering what is this process mining you have been hearing and how should it affect your company’s way of looking at processes and performance? We have gathered 5 pointers for you to check whether the days for process mining are here for your organization as well.

Kirjoittaja: Marja Rajamäki

Avainsanat: Process Mining