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Ludvika Municipality

Social Administration managed with effective evaluation and steering in Ludvika Council

With QPR Metrics and QPR Portal, the Swedish Ludvika municipality has a fact based information base used in their daily decision making and development of its Social Administration business.

"We have daily control with QPR. We have created conditions for better monitoring, evalutation, benchmarking, decision making and steering. As a manager and decision maker, it is easy to find up to date and correct information.”

Vårgarda Municipality

Managing quality and performance with QPR in the Vårgårda Council

The Swedish Vårgårda Council is making the most of their QPR implementation. By combining financial information, targets and goals with a powerful quality management system, the organization has a created a solid foundation for control and continuous improvements.

AB InBev

AB InBev - Success Story

To create a Corporate Performance Management platform Anheuser-Busch InBev ordered from QPR’s Belgian partner Ackinas a Cost-to-Serve (CTS) measuring solution based upon the complete QPR toolset.


CNOOC - Success Story

To optimize its’ oil exploration processes, work and environmental safety and – last but not least - to maintain good relations to host nations, CNOOC SES Ltd. needed a tool enabling it to communicate strategic intents to all stakeholders. Among many business benefits is a cost saving of USD 12.6 million due to reduced production losses.

H. Familie

HFamilie - Success Story

With the help of QPR Metrics and QPR ProcessGuide H. Familie translated its two year strategic plan into a balanced scorecard. Further, the Group modeled a complete process architecture to fulfill the Governments’ needs to translate strategy into key performance measures. It also built a project monitor-ing scorecard including action management to incorporate a complete PDCA cycle.

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Sakari Lapinsuo
Partner Manager

Enterprise Performance Management

Flexible solution for enterprise performance management

All organizations have a built-in need to succeed in executing their strategic objectives. QPR's solution for Enterprise Performance Management provides relevant information for steering the business to the right direction. It supports in creating company level scorecards and metrics, which can be implemented throughout the organization.