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Data-driven Process BI is a way to build a bridge between process mining & analytics and performance management and to turn data into real business process intelligence. It brings in the continuous performance measurement and reporting from process point of view with ability to drill down into individual case level instead of representing the performance only from the organizational or functional point of view on summary level. Existing reporting and BI solutions lack this ability to provide business with true process insight and answer why something has happened.

QPR enables this comprehensive process insight by utilizing event data in IT systems. With QPR you can create visually attractive dashboards of process KPIs and make them visible throughout the organization. Process KPI’s are wired all the way down to case level of process execution by automatically generating a graphical representation of actual business processes as they have been executed in reality. Dynamic reports of root causes and effects provide full visibility to reasons behind for example process bottlenecks, long lead times and poor delivery accuracy.

With business process intelligence, Process BI, your organization can really see in detail what affects the execution of processes and what you need to do to improve the processes.

Key features of QPR Process BI solution:

  • Plug and play connectors to SAP ERP, Oracle ERP,, and other sources of process execution data
  • Continuous process monitoring and process performance dashboards
  • Process mining and visualization
  • Process benchmarking and analytics with root cause and influence analysis

Benefits of QPR process intelligence method and solution:

  • Process BI gives you the insight to improve financial performance
  • Process BI reveals the root causes for problems and poor performance
  • Instant results and payback through cost savings
  • Data-driven powerful approach
  • Fact based and visual
  • Ability to outperform your competition – data driven companies are one step ahead 



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Customer Stories

“The Visualization of the Processes is a great tool for communicating the needed changes for the process stakeholders. Showing the actual happenings clarifies the needs for process improvements and makes the points of improvement clear. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is truly a gamechanger for process improvement”.
- Fauzia Khan, Business Process Manager, Nokia

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“We were able to identify on which process to focus our efforts using QPR ProcessAnalyzer. The solution gave us a great way to communicate the process flow and the gaps that were found during the analysis to our regional teams.”
- Capucine Azé, SD & SCM Specialist, Kemira

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"The process insight and facts delivered by QPR ProcessAnalyzer were priceless. We were immediately able to focus our process improvement activities to the right things to reach the results our business needed.”
- Jari Vuori, Vice President Supply Chain, Metsä Board

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“With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, we were able to see the whole Ad Hoc Service process. Without the data and the product we wouldn’t have been able to discover the reasons behind the process bottlenecks.”
- Aila Aaltonen, CIO, Caverion

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"It is highly beneficial to visualize the project management processes from ERP data to have a foundation for process improvement. Furthermore, validation of existing issues helps Patria to focus development efforts.”

- Minna Tiura-Kortesmaa, Manager (PMO), Patria Land Systems

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