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Flexible solution for enterprise performance management

All organizations have a built-in need to succeed in executing their strategic objectives. QPR's solution for Enterprise Performance Management provides relevant information for steering the business to the right direction. It supports in creating company level scorecards and metrics, which can be implemented throughout the organization.

You can start building your enterprise performance management model right from the get-go with one tool, QPR Metrics. With one platform you not only get the transparency for better decison making, but also the ability to drill down to individual results.

Enterprise Performance Management with QPR:

  • Use a rich collection of templates for building immediately your enterprise performance management model, strategy map and corporate scorecard
  • Work with your employees in building the team scorecard linked to corporate level performance and share them online
  • Easily visualize integrated measure which can't be done on spreadsheets
  • Keep down your total cost of ownership with one easy-to-use tool for Enterprise Performance Management
  • Integrate Enterprise Performance Management to People Performance Management

Comprehensive solution that helps you to make a difference!

Integrated telecommunications service provider du:

“We have been using QPR since 2012 for Balanced Scorecard reporting. QPR is useful in data collection from various sources, ensuring data integrity, producing useful management reports for successful Strategy Execution.”

Raju Vathsala, Senior Director – Performance Management

Nucleus Research on QPR Software

“Because of QPR's ease of implementation and broad language support, Nucleus saw that QPR provided value to multinational organizations seeking a process management, scorecard, and compliance solution.”

- Corporate performance management value matrix (2014) -

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To optimize its’ oil exploration processes, work and environmental safety and – last but not least - to maintain good relations to host nations, CNOOC SES Ltd. needed a tool enabling it to communicate strategic intents to all stakeholders. Among many business benefits is a cost saving of USD 12.6 million due to reduced production losses.

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Erdemir Group

"With QPR solution we spread and cascade our Group strategy map as well as Group scorecard to all our business units, functions, divisions, departments as well as section level scorecards and introduce individual scorecards to all our office employees."

- Aylin Özdemir, Director, Strategic Planning and Business Process Development at Erdemir Group, Turkey -

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