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SAP ERP is a worldwide leading enterprise resource planning solution that covers all core business processes. QPR offers plug-and-play connectivity with SAP ERP, providing access to all data within the system. 

QPR ProcessAnalyzer, together with the SAP connector, which is compatible with all SAP R/3, SAP S/4 and SAP HANA versions, gives you end-to-end visibility to Order-to-Cash (OTC) and Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) processes out-of-the-box -- something you cannot find elsewhere, including SAP ERP itself. 

This end-to-end visibility offers customers the ability to instantly improve the performance of the core processes and pick the low-hanging fruit for a great ROI. Despite the potentially high number of transactions handled in SAP ERP, QPR ProcessAnalyzer visualizes the real processes lightning fast and provides you with all the key process performance indicators such as lead times. You can also immediately pinpoint unwanted behavior and start identifying the reasons leading to it. 


For example in Plant Maintenance process you can select a flow that skips the acceptance of cases and see the most important reasons for this behavior (Priority - Medium, Time - September 2017, Code - VU9). 


The connector covers all of the following SAP ERP functional capabilities: 

  • Purchase-to-Pay
  • Plan-to-Product
  • Order-to-Cash
  • Request-to-Service
  • Core Finance

It also enables data extraction from SAP ERP related products such as SCM to enhance the analysis.

In addition to the sophisticated process-specific turn-key solution for QPR ProcessAnalyzer, the basic ability to connect to SAP ERP can be used with other QPR products as well.

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Customer Cases


Terumo Europe chose QPR Software as their software and service provider because of the powerful and versatile functionality of QPR ProcessAnalyzer and QPR’s technical expertise in SAP eco-system as well as extensive experience in process mining. Together, Terumo and QPR are walking the extra mile to find the tap to the potential available in increasing the efficiency of core processes in procurement and order management. 

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Caverion chose QPR ProcessAnalyzer to fulfil their need to continuously have access to process analysis and measurement information. Now relevant data is fetched directly from SAP into QPR ProcessAnalyzer. This reduces manual work and makes the data comparable for monthly or weekly analysis.

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With the opportunity process logged in CRM-system (Salesforce) and delivery process in ERP-system (SAP), this meant for QPR the combining of the relevant data from the two systems in order to visualize the end-to-end process.

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