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An organization’s strategic success depends on the ability to identify and develop the right types of capabilities in the right places. While capabilities provide the means to translate strategy into solutions and actionable tasks, business model analysis ensures that needed capabilities are developed and executed in the relevant business areas.

Capability-based transformation planning allows you to focus on strategic goals and foster performance development across traditional functional silos, leading to higher operational efficiency, lower operational cost, and optimized performance overall.

QPR offers the tools and best practice methodology for capability-based planning and business model analysis:

  • Identify and focus on capabilities that are strategy-driven and necessary for innovation
  • Crystallize business models and identify the necessary strategic capabilities
  • Define operational requirements based on capabilities to guide strategic transformation initiatives

ALPLA, with its head office in Austria, is a world leader in plastic packaging solutions.  To meet the challenges of the strong growth and the diverse requirements of its customers, the Group realized the importance of having all processes under control. This required global process models driving on enterprise-wide standardization of procedures and in the same time allowing sufficient flexibility on the local level.  




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Eneco Group

"Eneco's QPR powered business management system played a crucial supporting role in several process optimizations contributing to a resource cost reduction of more than 15 Million euros.”

- Mr. Xander Prooi, Lead Process Architect, Joulz Ltd. -


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