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Link strategy to operations for sustainable performance

QPR Suite supports every step of the Execution Premium Process (XPP™) based on the Kaplan-Norton Strategy Management System by providing visually attractive analytical tools for strategy formulation, BSC generation, performance management, as well as communication and collaboration.

The XPP™ is a comprehensive management model designed to link strategy formulation and planning with operational execution. It is a closed-loop system consisting of 6 major stages starting from the development of strategy and ending in the testing of strategic assumptions using operational and competitive data to determine if strategy needs adapting.

QPR takes strategy execution to the next level by supporting each step of XPP™:

  • Providing tools for strategy map modeling, BSC generation, to name a few
  • Visual support for strategy execution beyond strategy maps
  • Alignment of an organization’s resources such as people, processes, and IT to ensure that together they contribute to achieving common goals
  • Improved monitoring capability with state-of-the-art performance management and process mining tools
  • Decision making aid for continuous improvement
  • Web-based portal for communication and collaboration to empower change enablers

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