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Finnish Ministry of Finance chose QPR to Develop Lean Method

Helsinki, Finland 08.04.2019 9:00 am – The Finnish Ministry of Finance has chosen QPR Software (QPR) to support Ministry of Finance in developing, introducing and training Lean methodology. Applying of Lean principles focuses on the work done at public sector ICT Department (JulkICT). The aim is to optimize Ministry of Finance’s processes as well as to develop operations with Lean methodology. QPR received maximum quality points in the tender, where 10 providers were compared.

QPR’s support to JulkICT consists of management support, model construction consultancy, training and supporting teams learning how to use Lean techniques. JulkICT department channels public sector ICT functions, structure developing as well as common services and service production.

The contract period consists of approximately 350 consultant man-days. The agreement includes no purchase obligation.

” Lean thinking fits well in streamlining operations and bringing costs down, when at the same time aiming at ensuring customer satisfaction and high quality. It is a pleasure to be able to support the Ministry of Finance in this important project”, says Miika Nurminen, SVP, QPR.

Head of Unit Maria Nikkilä, Ministry of Finance Finland, comments on the procurement: “We have applied Lean methodology in developing our department’s work for a couple of years now, and the results have been positive. We expect the procurement to support us in leading this transformation through to our department’s processes as well as to working methods of our teams.”

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