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QPR was chosen to support Traficom in information architecture work

Helsinki, Finland 2019.04.02. 10:00 a.m. EET - QPR Software (QPR) has won the tender for information architecture consulting

provider for the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. QPR will support Traficom in defining, supporting,

producing and planning its information architecture work. Traficom is an authority in permit, license, registration, approval,

safety and security matters. The new agency was a merger between the Finnish Transport Safety Agency (Trafi), the Finnish

Communications Regulatory Authority (Ficora) and certain functions of the Finnish Transport Agency on 1 January 2019.


The new agency has a growing need to develop information architecture as part of the agency’s enterprise architecture and knowledgebased

management. With the help of systematic architecture work the agency can develop high quality and interoperable digital services for

citizens, enterprises and public authorities.


QPR’s mandate comprises defining, planning and development support of information architecture for Traficom. Eight tenders were

compared in the public procurement process, where QPR received maximum quality points.

The public procurement includes approximately 1200 consultant man-days and the contract period is three years. The agreement includes

no purchase obligation.


“We are glad to support Traficom in its information architecture work. Traficom is a very important new service customer to us”, says Miika

Nurminen, SVP, QPR.


Janne Juhala, Head of Unit at Traficom, tells why they chose QPR: “It was very important to us that QPR has wide experience in

information architecture modeling at different levels. In addition to technological expertise, the QPR consultants also have pioneering

experience in system- and software modeling, and a long background in high-level planning and development work.”


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