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QPR EnterpriseArchitect offers a range of analytical features to support decision making. Model comparison shows the gaps between a current architecture and a future one. QPR EnterpriseArchitect change impact analysis reports help in understanding how change in one part of the architecture affects others.

QPR EnterpriseArchitect can be linked to your key performance indicators in order to monitor how fast your EA initiatives can be rolled out. Performance indicators and attributes, indication of intent and cost attributes can be assigned to modeling objects like applications and technology platforms. QPR EnterpriseArchitect also supports the full implementation of balanced scorecards for strategic planning and follow-up.

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Customer Stories

“We are using EnterpriseArchitect. Of course, you could do them with PowerPoint or Visio, but it's much handier. That you can connect the things there in the background and that gives value as well.” 
- Ville Koivumäki, Head of City Solutions IT, Fortum

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"We are using mostly QPR EA (EnterpriseArchitect), that is the core product that we are using. And with that, we managed the modeling, the different levels of strategy business models, operating model processes, IT, solutions and so forth. It's used for communication on different levels of the business architecture, and then also the solution designs and solution architects on the project level."
- Matti Eerola, Chief Enterprise Architect, Head of Architecture and Projects, St1

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QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform

QPR Software introduces QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform to help transform data into smart decisions!

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Featured References

“QPR EnterpriseArchitect allows us to model not just how things are, but also what has been envisioned, where we are going and where we want to go.”

- Patrik Maltusch, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Aalto University -

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“With QPR, Dubai Airport Freezone has been able to achieve tangible customer results already within the first year of implementation.”

- Dubai Airport Freezone, UAE -