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Backed by more than 25 years of research, technology and expert field experience, Phidan is a unique group of result driven experts in supply chain management and supply chain consultancy, logistics and process optimisation.

We do projects in the area of:

  • Supply chain network (re)design: strategic advice on the development of a strong network, organization and processes. Set up the planning of your already scarce resources
  • Process redesign & operational excellence in: Internal logistics (flow of goods, information, capital and people), External logistics & transportation (generating savings on your transport budget) and Sourcing & procurement (value creation starts here!)
  • Production Process Improvement: Logistics and process efficiency have a greater effect on you than anything else in your value chain. Achieve more by making the appropriate changes.
  • Tendering & selection: Streamlined processes to select the best solution according to your needs. Tools managing your entire organisation to tailor-made solutions.
  • This is realized with the right people (in interim management and coaching) and enabling tools. Tools allowing you to achieve your targets!
Brusselsesteenweg 297, 3020 Herent Belgium
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