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ITMC S.A. is a Management consulting company, established in 2003, in Athens, Greece, who specializes in Strategy Implementation, Performance Management and Business Intelligence. The company has been involved in a series of projects, in both Public and Private sectors for the provision of professional services for : 

  •      Strategic Planning & Strategy Implementation
  •      Performance Management Systems & Balanced Scorecard 
  •      Business Process Re-engineering and Continuous Improvement
  •      Change Management for the support of process re-engineering 
  •      Activity Based Costing & Management
  •      Common Assessment Framework and EFQM implementation
  •      Business Intelligence, Data Analysis and Planning

The company applies High End Information Technology tools and Methodologies for the Design and implementation of projects, for a significant range of mission-critical Business & IT areas. The company provides technology - enabled business solutions that addresses the unique needs of business users and IT departments in their support for Business Decision Making Process and the improvement of the competitiveness and the effectiveness of organizations.
The company currently exploits an integrated suite of Information Management & Business Discovery Tools, such as, QPR Scorecard and ProcessGuide,  QlikView Business Intelligence tool, Statistica package, Lavastorm Analytics,  ORACLE & MS SQL RDBMS, as well as, Visual Studio and .NET/Java development environments. 
The company’s unique experiences in developing and implementing Management Applications, using the related software, includes capabilities for Data Warehousing & Big Data, Performance management, Business Intelligence & Business Discovery, Customer Analytics, Statistical Analysis and Econometrics, Data Mining techniques and Neural Networking.


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