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Ackinas offers consultancy/coaching/implementation services that help you to execute your strategy as effective and efficient as possible. We support your company with the alignment of strategy and action and the creation of sustainable value at all organizational levels. We do this through the following interrelated solutions and services supported by QPR tools:

  • Performance Management, Corporate Performance Measurement through the application of innovative corporate-, departmental-, functional- and personal (Balanced) Scorecards;

  • Process Management, we can assist you in a classical BPM project through interviews and workshops but prefer a lean approach with the help of Process Mining to visualize the AS-IS situation with all its variations and bottlenecks and come to a TO BE process through collaboration sprints. Continuous improvement will be implemented supported by actions and measured by Process BI;

  • Process Mining, automatically visualizes processes using existing data logged in business support systems. This enables effective discovery of how processes are running and performing in reality. We help you with ETL support services, extracting and transforming data from your ERP or Business solution and Process analysis support service, Supporting analysis work, knowledge transfer on best-practises.

    We have a strong specialization in CRM, Supply Chain, Finance and Services organizations, with a focus on Working Capital Optimization;

  • Process BI, where we help you to create visually attractive dashboards of process KPIs and make them visible throughout the organization. Process KPI’s can be wired all the way down to case level of process execution. Directly from the process dashboards you have full visibility and access to execution level details providing you with exact reasons behind unwanted results such as process bottlenecks, long lead times or poor delivery accuracy.

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