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QPR Suite 2017.1 - Your Business Operating System

QPR Suite provides you with a leading-edge Business Operating System (BOS) that helps you design and execute how your organization operates and evolves today in an environment of rapid digitalization. 

The convergence of people, business, and things keeps disrupting existing business models that need to be understood and redesigned with end-to-end visibility. QPR Suite’s EPM and advanced, operational intelligence connecting real-life data with your business operating model, gets the job done.

“QPR works both top-down and bottom-up. We tap into your operative information systems via an integration layer that connects with the QPR business logic layer and at the top a business analytics layer and a business presentation layer. Within the business logic layer processes take a central role in the QPR system via QPR ProcessDesigner and QPR EnterpriseArchitect. QPR Metrics complements this with robust enterprise performance management, and QPR ProcessAnalyzer creates situational awareness to keep up with changes affecting your business models,” says Miika Nurminen, SVP, Consulting and Advisory Services at QPR Software.

With this combination that converges business models, EPM, and operational intelligence into one Business Operating System, your organization will be able to effectively plan and execute your strategy and achieve your objectives.

“Organizations need a system that supports them in a dynamic, quickly transforming business environment. They need tools for planning, measuring, analyzing, interpreting, and decision making – and the QPR BOS provides exactly that. With QPR you can think big, but start small, beginning from your organization’s pain points,” Miika Nurminen continues.

QPR Suite 2017.1 comes with a process-driven approach to enterprise document management, improved mobile user experience, enhanced modeling, advanced business process discovery, ready-made connectors, increased reliability and performance, and improved security.

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To learn more about the individual products belonging to the Suite, please visit:

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For general inquiries about the QPR Suite 2017.1 products, please contact:

Sakari Lapinsuo, Product Marketing Manager

Phone: +358 44 500 1641

Email: sakari.lapinsuo(at)qpr.com


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