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QPR Software Delivers Process Mining Software to a Leading European Airline

Helsinki, Finland, May 29, 2019 at 1.00 pm - QPR has signed an agreement to deliver QPR ProcessAnalyzer software as a cloud service to a leading European airline.

The Customer will first focus on improving performance in one of the key processes in managing flight operations. It intends to build a corporate-wide process mining capability by leveraging earlier investments in a centralized data warehouse. The warehouse will provide a fast and easy way to expand to additional business processes.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer was selected thanks to its rich and advanced out-of-the-box process analysis capabilities, and its availability and scalability as a modern cloud service.

“We are excited to co-operate with one of the leading and most admired European airline brands that has a clear focus on where to start benefiting from process mining. I am confident that they can streamline their processes and achieve significant business benefits with the help of QPR ProcessAnalyzer,” says SVP Matti Erkheikki who manages the process mining business at QPR Software.


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