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QPR introduces advanced application portfolio, HR and risk management support with the new QPR ODM Template

Helsinki – QPR, a leader in strategy driven enterprise architecture, today announced the release of its enhanced QPR ODM Template version 2014.2. QPR Operational Development Methodology (ODM) addresses companies’ various challenges related to for example strategy, operating models or changes in the business environment.

QPR has assembled a complete solution based on enterprise architecture that contains concepts and governance for operational development, method to structure and model operations, and method to design the transition roadmap and deployment. The QPR ODM Template contains a very pragmatic and business oriented framework linking strategy to business capabilities and their practical realization by organization, processes, and ICT.

“Originally introduced in 2013, the template has been enhanced with support for enterprise risk management, application portfolio management and HRM functions” says Mr. Jaakko Riihinen, SVP Products & Technology at QPR Software. “We have also created several new impact analysis reports helping the users to distill the relevant knowledge to business or function specific needs and situations” continues Jaakko.

The template fully supports QPR’s enterprise architecture based operational development methodology. This new version of the template is targeting QPR Suite user organizations seeking to perform more effectively in their Enterprise Business Process Analysis (EBPA) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) work. The template features a full blown EA and EBPA meta-model, helping the current operational development function perform more efficiently, and protecting their existing investment in EA/EBPA work.

The ODM template is aligned with TOGAF 9.1, Archimate 2.1, BPMN 2.0, and COSO ERM.

QPR ODM already serves a broad range of customers with a different needs, e.g. mergers and acquisition situations, business continuity or risk analysis and technology renewal.

About QPR Software:

QPR Software provides insight to business operations for successful strategy execution and operations improvement. QPR offers a comprehensive software suite and consulting services for modeling, analyzing, designing and measuring operations, supporting agile business transformation. We are a global thought leader in business driven enterprise architecture and in process intelligence. QPR Software Plc was founded in 1991 and has its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. As a publicly listed company, our shares are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. www.qpr.com

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