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QPR delivers process mining software and professional services to a leading high tech company

QPR Software’s latest customer is a global technology leader serving large enterprises, consumers and governments in high tech. Before investing in automation and robotics, the customer wants to make sure that investments are targeted and prioritized correctly. Process mining was evaluated as a perfect methodology for this. They chose QPR Software as service and software provider for superior expertise and technical capabilities in process mining. The contract is worth over EUR 200 thousand.

The company will use QPR’s process mining solution built on QPR ProcessAnalyzer especially to identify the maturity of operations and processes from automation and robotics point of view. QPR ProcessAnalyzer will be used to differentiate which potential areas are ready for automation and robotics, which improvement actions are necessary to further facilitate the transition, and where the biggest benefit potential is buried. In addition, the company is also going through post-merger changes in their operations. With QPR’s process mining tools, it will be possible to find out where best practices have been used and which ones to reinstate within the new operation model. This ensures a smooth transition of operating processes with minimum distraction.

“This customer is an excellent example in how to use process mining in conjunction with automation and robotics. We believe the benefit potential in this combination is exceptional for any company. Also, the post-merger point of view will without a doubt result in great benefits for the company as we have seen happening in our other customers as well. We are pleased that our expertise in process mining and continuous efforts in technological development have again resulted us a great new customer case”, says Jari Jaakkola, CEO of QPR Software.

In addition to QPR ProcessAnalyzer software licenses, the contract also includes professional services for implementing process mining solution for selected processes. The company valued QPR’s extensive offering and exceptional experience in delivering process mining solutions across industries and data source technologies. 

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