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Erdemir Group selected QPR Metrics as its Group Strategy and People Performance Management tool

One of the worlds' biggest steel producer and one of the largest industrial enterprises in Turkey, the Erdemir Group, has selected QPR Software and Ironman Consulting, QPR's Advanced Value Added Reseller and one of the leading Strategy Management Consulting firms of Turkey as its Strategy Oriented Management and Individual Performance Management solution providers.

Encouraged by the good experiences in one its subsidiaries, long and flat steel producer Isdemir, the Erdemir Group's top management has decided to expand Strategy Focused Management powered by QPR Metrics through-out all its group companies and cascade functional scorecards to individual scorecards. Ironman will be providing business consultancy for the balanced scorecard as well as individual scorecard structuring and also technology consultancy for implementation services in this expansion.

"With QPR solution we expect to spread and cascade our Group strategy map as well as Group scorecard to all our business units, functions, divisions, departments and section level scorecards. Besides this, individual scorecards will be developed consistent with functional scorecards which have also competency evaluation parameters as a part of it", says Aylin Özdemir, Director, Strategic Planning and Business Process Development at Erdemir Group, and continues: "The decision to expand was easy as we have been using QPR Metrics for performance management in Isdemir since 2010. The software has successfully implemented and integrated with operational systems. Thanks to this, 85 % of the measures' actual values are automatically imported to the software from the operational systems."

"We are excited and honored about Erdemir's decision to select our tool as it is one of the leading global steel manufacturers and iron producers in the world. I trust that our QPR Metrics performance management software will provide them a powerful, easy to use and automated tool both for Group level strategy execution as well as for people performance management. Cascading strategic objectives down to functional and individual level is an excellent way to ensure alignment and transparency in the entire organization. ", says Mrs. Maija Erkheikki, Vice President, International Sales at QPR Software.

QPR Metrics performance management software provides a fast upgrade path from manually maintained, in-house built performance reporting solutions. With QPR Metrics customers obtain a flexible performance management environment, capable of supporting multiple areas of strategic, operational and organizational performance. Over a 1000 customers have chosen QPR Metrics to ensure the effective management of their strategy, risk, quality, compliance, project portfolio, incentive schemes and branch office performance management initiatives.

About QPR Software:

QPR Software provides insight to business operations for successful strategy execution and operations improvement. QPR offers a comprehensive software suite and consulting services for modeling, analyzing, designing and measuring operations, supporting agile business transformation. We are a global thought leader in business driven enterprise architecture and in process intelligence. QPR Software Plc was founded in 1991 and has its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. As a publicly listed company, our shares are quoted on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd. 

About Ironman Consulting:

Ironman Consulting was founded in 1996 in Turkey. The Company offers corporate performance management applications and technical support through strategic alliances for Financial, Retail, Manufacturing, Service, Media and Technology companies as well as Municipal Governments and Government Organizations. Solutions developed and implemented by Ironman Consulting are quoted among the best application examples.

About Erdemir Group:

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