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QPR Software for Investors

We innovate, develop and sell software aimed at analyzing, monitoring and modeling operations in organizations. Furthermore, we offer customers a variety of solutions and consulting services.

We focus our product development to meet the increasing challenges organizations face in leading their operations in digitalizing world. Our focus areas are process mining, process analytics and operational performance monitoring. We believe that the relevant market for these focus areas will grow significantly, as organizations collect more and more transaction and other event data from their operations.

In the next few years, we seek to grow especially our international software sales and are increasing our resources in marketing and sales. We accelerate our product development by increasing our resources in a controlled manner. Our target is to gain a significant share of the rapidly growing process mining market. In the mid-term, we target on average 15% annual net sales growth.


Why invest in QPR Software?

1.    We have strongly renewed our software product portfolio in recent years and target international sales growth for our new products.
2.    Our business model is highly scalable.
3.    Despite investments into new products we have consistently been profitable, have had strong cashflow and have distributed dividends to our shareholders. According to our dividend policy, the Board of Directors propose to the Annual General Meetings dividends of approximately 30-50% of annual cash flow from operating activities.
4.    Approximately half of our revenue is recurring.
5.    Our customer churn is low. Software rental and maintenance contracts have an average lifecycle of approximately 10 years.


Outlook 2017 and mid-term targets


Business outlook

We will continue to invest in sales activities for our process mining software and the related services. 

The tightened competition in the software business for process and enterprise architecture modeling and performance management is expected to have a negative impact on sales in parts of our reseller channel. 

Our process and enterprise architecture modeling business in Finland focuses especially on expanding and growing our key accounts.


Financial outlook

We estimate our net sales to be on the same level as last year (+/- 3% compared to 2016). Operating profit is expected to be 4-9% of net sales.


Updated 10/2017