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Focus on your Purchase-to-Pay with QPR ProcessAnalyzer

We here at QPR are always innovating and inventing new ways to improve our customer experience and how to bring new ideas into Process Mining. One of the key results of these thinking processes is our flagship product, QPR ProcessAnalyzer. QPR ProcessAnalyzer can be used to analyze virtually any process imaginable that produces event data. As enterprise systems have been built on high-volume processes, the need to analyze organizational key processes arise. QPR is experienced with process mining and one of the most common processes we come across is the Purchase-to-Pay process found in all major Enterprise Information Systems. 


Purchase-to-Pay deals with the procurement of materials from suppliers and the timely delivery of these purchases for use in your own services. Purchase-to-Pay contains many different event types and occurs in high volumes, making it a very viable target for
Process Mining. Read more on how Purchase-to-Pay and how Process Mining with QPR ProcessAnalyzer can help you in our earlier blog post.

Gaining basic insights on how Purchase-to-Pay can be improved upon are easily obtainable using the powerful analysis tools of QPR ProcessAnalyzer. We do not want to stop there, as we want to bring our customers the absolute best in process mining.
Our newest addition to the QPR ProcessAnalyzer offering is the Purchase-to-Pay application which is making process mining even more accessible to the common user. In this application mindset, we have created an all-in-one solution that fits all purchase-to-pay analysis needs and the best part is: you don't have to be a data scientist. The application contains the advanced general features of QPR ProcessAnalyzer, but also comes preloaded with customized, process domain -specific, analysis dashboards for analyzing specific phenomena in the purchase-to-pay sphere.

With QPR ProcessAnalyzer, you are instantly able to get the insight of your as-is process with a robust suite of analysis tools. Lead times, flows, event amounts and other key insights
can be instantly gathered from the process mining data loaded into QPR ProcessAnalyzer using the graphical analysis tools offered. These findings can be furthered with our ChartView -feature. This allows for using the process data to calculate and create chart presentations
according to the customizable settings offered in the analysis tool. Compare case attributes, divide them by time, add event attributes to the presentation. All of this can be achieved with ChartView.


New things brought to the table are the new dashboard views that allow for a richer presentation of your process data. First,  the Purchase-to-Pay KPI dashboard is aimed at presenting vital KPI data from your process. This dynamic dashboard calculates all the
process data included in your process mining model and presents the current state of your process KPIs instantly. Important KPIs are presented in the form of quick-to-grasp diagrams, allowing for a quick update on the situation. 
The additional diagrams tell key insights about the health and trends of the whole process itself. This view is instantly applicable to key Purchase-to-Pay models and offers customization options to suit the needs of major purchase-to-pay applications.

A key domain specific addition comes in the form of domain-specific analysis views. In this initial release, we are proud to present 4 key analysis views that offer new information about the process performance.

  • Conformance Analysis
  • Maverick Buying
  • Process Rework
  • RPA Performance Analysis

Conformance Analysis has been included in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer deployment package and has been customized for presenting process conformance in the Purchase-to-Pay sphere. The application includes a view for analyzing Maverick Buying. This view views if there has been a deviation from the agreed-upon process and shows the trend chart from that.The Maverick Buying view features the patented Influence Analysis feature, showing the major case attributes that have caused cases of maverick buying. The Process Rework view focuses on the unnecessary steps of the process. In terms of the lean principle, reducing waste work is important and this view focuses on viewing occurrences of unnecessary rework in the process. This view also reveals the trends and root causes for rework and helps in pinpointing possible improvement points. Finally, we have included a RPA performance analysis view. This view
contains a comparison of a natural, human user and a robot user, giving a view into how RPA initiatives are working and what is the compared lead time between these two types of users. These analysis offer a great insight into how your Purchase-to-Pay process is performing and reveals key areas for further improving process performance.  
We are very excited about this new focused application, as it presents a new approach in bringing process mining to specialized fields. The premade views make it possible for a whole new audience to access the new findings brought upon by QPR ProcessAnalyzer. Purchase-to-Pay is just the first to get an application treatment, as more customized applications with domain-specific views are to follow.

Interested in seeing the application in action? Check out our webinar below.

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