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5 Steps for Future ERP Transition Success - Microsoft Dynamics 365

Customer needs are constantly growing and therefore organizations’ internal needs for IT systems are also building up. To meet the growing needs and to stay profitable, organizations are moving towards new ERP systems which are commonly offered as cloud services. However, on a general level, EPR implementation projects are massive and difficult to successfully execute. Now, QPR provides a game changing solution to boost the success rate of your ERP implementation with the latest process mining technology.

Kirjoittaja: Olli Komulainen

Avainsanat: Process Mining, Microsoft Dynamics, ERP implementation


4 Steps to Robotic Process Automation Success with Process Mining

Robotic Process Automation has been a hot topic amongst business process experts. Many companies have begun to look into RPA as a tool to improve their operations, but what exactly does it bring to the table? In this blog post, we find out what is RPA and what limitations it has, while also presenting process mining as the solution for the successful implementation of RPA.

Kirjoittaja: Riku Mikkonen & Olli Komulainen

Avainsanat: robotic process automation, Process Mining


Operations Design Translates Your Strategy into Actions

Business design represents an essential discipline inside the strategy process. However, this high-level understanding of business models and company capabilities is not enough. To get down to earth, we need to identify the real-world entities that we can deploy and manage in our business operations through operations design.

Kirjoittaja: Jaakko Riihinen

Avainsanat: Operations Design, Business Operating System, Enterprise Architecture


Improving Invoicing Lead Time with Process Analysis

Invoicing lead time is basically quite a simple KPI: If you sell tangible or intangible goods, you measure time from the goods issued or service provided to the invoice being sent. Okay, so if it’s simple as that, then what do we need Process Analysis for? Well… There might just be solid business benefits in also finding out how much time passes until the sent invoices are in fact paid.

Kirjoittaja: Jari Luomala

Avainsanat: Process KPI, Process Mining, invoicing lead time