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How QPR customer Laurea attained the prestigious stamp of quality

QPR’s long-time customer Laurea University of Applied Sciences recently received a quality label from the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC)* with raving reviews. FINEEC found Laurea’s quality management system spot on for fulfilling national criteria and corresponding to European quality principles and recommendations.

In specific, FINEEC highlighted several strengths at Laurea: Laurea has a vivid and dialogue-based quality culture - there is a strong awareness of the Plan-Do-Check-Act philosophy throughout the organization. Quality objectives in the policy are clearly defined and accessible not only to staff, but to students and external stakeholders as well. In addition, Laurea has integrated quality with strategy and operations by forming a link between management, profit units and personal level targets.

Sounds great, but you might be wondering how this was achieved? The answer can be found in the audit report.

QPR Software was reported on several occasions as the driving impetus to quality. The documentation of quality activities by the means of QPR was reported on an advanced level – QPR successfully combines results from different evaluations and information systems in one application with information on how issues are followed up. All staff interviewed on-site reported that QPR is a very useful source of information for monitoring and planning. The information in QPR is accessible for all staff, supporting operational management on all levels, as the system can be used for checking process descriptions, responsibilities and indicators for targets.

In addition to the transparent communication of processes, responsibilities and targets, QPR is used for strategy implementation. Operational and Financial Plans (OFPs) contain performance metrics that act as link between strategy and activities. Strategy implementation is monitored by management and the Board of Directors every four months by evaluating performance indicators that are followed in the OFP and QPR. Information from management follow-up is also saved in the QPR Portal for all to see.

“Laurea’s quality management activities are closely connected to the institution’s strategic goals and the strategy itself is implemented in the everyday activities of the institution. The necessary information is available on the impressive QPR Portal, which all stakeholders have adopted very fast,” rejoices Anna-Liisa Männikkö, Director, Laurea.

As icing on the cake, improvement ideas can be reported in QPR web portal to perfect the two-way communication between quality management and the rest of the organization. As everything is documented in QPR, FINEEC recommended for Laurea to abandon the old fashioned quality book, saving a lot of time and resources in its maintenance.

This is how QPR helped Laurea achieve quality excellence. To find out how QPR could help you achieve your quality management goals, please visit our website and download our brochure here.

For FINEEC’s full report on Laurea’s Quality Management System, click here.


*FINEEC is an independent government agency responsible for the evaluation of education on all levels from early childhood to higher education with the aim to develop education with decision-enabling information and international benchmarking.

Virpi Nieminen
Business Development Manager