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Features showcase of QPR's process mining product - QPR ProcessAnalyzer:


Automatic Process Visualization 

The Flowchart Analysis in QPR ProcessAnalyzer shows the 'as-is' process flowchart where you can see each event type and flow, how long it takes between each event type, and the median and average duration of the process visualized as flow chart. All the variations, repetitions, loops and delays are easily visible. This is the starting point for your analysis and provides the big picture of your process. 


Root Cause Analysis 

QPR ProcessAnalyzer's Influence Analysis enables users to identify how big of an impact certain attributes have to process variations. Users can easily drill down on their data and see which factor contributes the most to variations in the process. You can also benchmark the different attributes to see which is the most vulnerable to delays compared to other attributes. 


KPI Analysis

QPR ProcessAnalyzer enables the creation of KPI dashboards for following up on processes and if they meet KPIs. The real-life data stored in the transactional systems is used as basis for creating dashboards. The flexibility of the tool allows users to create different dashboards to suit their specific needs. 


Lead Time Analysis

The Lead Time Analysis in QPR ProcessAnalyzer shows how long cases take and how many of them fall in each duration slot. Users can see at a glance what is the most common duration and how many cases fall in the longest lasting duration slot. This is important as long duration is a clear indication of issues in the process. You can see the bottlenecks in the process and drill down to find contributing factors. 


Conformance Analysis 

Using the BPMN editor in QPR ProcessAnalyzer, you set the target state for your process and then monitor how well the execution matches this target. By identifying the non-conforming cases you know where to target your improvement activities and gain biggest benefits. 


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