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Achieve your strategic goals with Balanced Scorecard

In growing organizations it becomes difficult to maintain a coherent Balanced Scorecard structure with just Excel sheets or PowerPoint documents. To successfully manage the implementation of your strategy, you need tools that support getting a complete understanding of your processes, people and IT architecture. Our balanced scorecard software framework helps you in defining and aligning strategic objectives.

QPR Metrics offers you the means to build a flexible, automated and user-friendly solution and to move away from a home built IT implementation. You get access to a rich set of strategy maps, KPIs, scorecards, analyses and reports. It supports automated and manual data aggregation and entry, as well as offering powerful data consolidation. With online collaboration capabilities, your organization and managers can communicate and be up-to-date on the progress of your operations. With QPR Metrics, you can involve more users, teams, branch offices and business units with a systematic and unified approach in turning your strategy into action.

Balanced Scorecard with QPR:

  • Save time and effort in gathering, managing and reporting performance information
  • Engage your employees to actively participate in the management and execution of your strategy
  • Maintain flexibility in what you wish to measure, how often and in what format
  • Get support for 3rd generation Balanced Scorecard

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QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform

QPR Software introduces QPR Metrics IntegrationPlatform to help transform data into smart decisions!

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Laguna Verde

“La implementación de la estrategia a través de la metodología Balanced Scorecard, utilizando QPR como herramienta principal para su seguimiento y control, permite maximizar los resultados, incrementando la competitividad.”

- Ing. Agustín Lozano Láez, Gerente de Centrales Nucleoeléctricas –


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