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QPR Business Operating System (BOS) ensures your work is focused on your organization’s strategic objectives and is done in the most efficient way. BOS can be considered as a navigation system for business transformation with five elements: destination, map, performance indicators, current situation analysis and decision support.

Strategic level of QPR Business Operating System starts with Business Design which is the activity to identify relevant business models for the organization and set strategic goals. Strategic level is then continued with the Performance Management which is the activity to define and cascade business objectives and implement performance indicators and dashboards for monitoring performance against objectives and supporting higher level business transformation projects, programs and initiatives.

Operational level of QPR Business Operating System starts with Operations Design which takes the business models as input and extends them to full operating models containing end-to-end process diagrams as well as information, application and technology architectures. These operating models serve as a map for implementing and running the organization to meet the strategic goals. Operational level is then continued with the Process Mining and Intelligence module which provides day-to-day real time information about your organizations current situation and actual status of behavior and performance of each end-to-end process. Operational Intelligence is like a continuous health check that shows the performance in detail enough level to discover problems, bottlenecks, unwanted process variations and long lead times as well as discover root causes related to these findings.

Available in more than 20 languages, QPR Business Operating System is a set of tools that helps any kind of business with strategy execution, business-IT alignment, performance measurement, and process management. It includes the following software modules, which can be used separately or as an integrated solution:

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