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Fast, accurate and efficient reporting and efficient collaboration

With QPR Metrics you can automate your performance management reporting for more timely and reliable performance information. Capable of supporting multiple management standards, methodologies and initiatives, QPR Metrics will help your managers save significant time and effort collecting, consolidating and reporting performance information. QPR Metrics speeds up your performance reporting cycles by automating most of the work your managers now do manually. Daily management practices are supported with alerting functions, target setting and action planning.

In QPR Metrics, the primary interface for performance management is the web based QPR Portal. Dynamically updated dashboards, strategy maps, hierarchy and analysis views are available out of the box. Reporting can also be done using ready interfaces for Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel and PDFs. QPR Metrics also offers web-based briefing booklets, which provide live, PowerPoint-like reports. If you’re on the move, QPR UI is optimized for accessing your critical performance information with tablets and smartphones.

More than just a performance reporting solution with dashboards and scorecards, QPR Metrics also includes powerful online collaboration capabilities for employee engagement and contribution. Employees can add contextual information to the numbers with comments and explanations. Your managers will get consolidated and accurate information faster, presented in appropriate formats to improve adoption and deployment.