Better quality government with efficient resource use for the people of Zacatecas

The State of Zacatecas is one of the 32 Federal entities of the Republic of Mexico. The state’s secretariat of administration. Secretaría de Administración, is responsible for managing the human resources of the state government and for providing the material resources and general services that the administrative apparatus requires for its operation.

The 500 employees of the secretary execute their daily work through a process of a continuous improvement and responsibility. They follow up, provide services and use secretariat’s resources more efficiently with the help of QPR Metrics performance management and QPR ProcessDesigner processes management software. The QPR tools also help the secretary to meet its continuous improvement process.

Benefits of QPR Quality Management Solution

  • Deliver its indicators for the national comparison and to its’ senior management team for internal decision making
  • Presenting the indicators that best accommodates the secretariat of administration and facilitate integration of reports - monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual
  • Legitimize the model and use of the supportive tools

State of Zacatecas Success Story

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