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Nokia uses QPR ProcessAnalyzer for visualizing their processes and communicating the findings to support business transformation

Nokia performs data-driven analysis to create a visualization of their processes, which communicates a clear understanding of the processes.

“The visualization of the processes is a great tool for communicating the needed changes for the process stakeholders. Showing the actual happenings clarifies the needs for process improvements and makes the points of improvement clear. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is truly a gamechanger for process improvement.” 


  • Need to harmonize processes due to the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent 
  • Utilization of data to improve processes


  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer with connectors
  • QPR consultancy services

Business benefits

  • Visualization of processes
  • Lead time improvement
  • Process harmonization
  • Measuring and communicating
  • Process performance -reducing rework
  • Continuous data-driven development 

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