H. Familie translated its vision with QPR Metrics and QPR ProcessDesigner into a strong performance based quality management model

H. Familie from Kortrijk is a group of five mental health and nursing home institutions in the southwest region of Belgium. QPR ProcessDesigner established a solid process architecture for H. Familie. During the discussions, QPR ProcessDesigner allowed H. Familie to model the processes fast. Communication to employees was effective and included continuous improvement actions. QPR ProcessDesigner helped also in knowledge management, e.g. when introducing new employees.

“QPR Metrics gave a strong visual representation of our strategic plan. Together with efficient communication, evaluation and improvement of the objectives it really speeded up our strategy implementation.” Patrick Cokelaere, Managing Director, H. Familie group.

Benefits of QPR quality management system

  • State of the art solution with integrated measurements, processes and portal
  • Full support to EFQM PDCA
  • Speeded-up strategy implementation with QPR Metrics
  • Solid process architecture with QPR ProcessDesigner
  • Next in-line quality management and improved project monitoring


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