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Our strategy and its execution

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Our mission is to make customers agile and efficient in their operations. We innovate, develop, and sell in international markets software aimed at analyzing, monitoring, and modeling operations in organizations. Furthermore, we strengthen our software offering with consulting practice in Finland, our home market, offering our customers a variety of services for planning and execution of operational development.

We offer customers innovative and efficient tools to model and measure all layers and dimensions of operations in organizations, to automatically discover and monitor any processes based on actual event data, and to analyze causes for potential performance problems. This provides customers insight into their business operations – and this insight enables them to streamline and improve business operations and to execute their strategies swiftly and effectively.

Our strategy is to differentiate from our competitors by developing software products to meet the increasing challenges organizations face in leading and developing their operations in a digitalizing world. Special focus areas for development are process mining, process analytics, and operational performance measuring. We believe that the relevant market for these focus areas grows significantly in the future as companies collect more and more transaction and other event data from their operations. In software development, we place special focus on processing and analyzing large amounts of data, and on providing an excellent user experience.

In the next three years, we seek to grow especially our process mining, analytics, and measuring software sales in the international markets. In order to reach this target, since 2015 we have increased our investments in expanding and renewing our international software reseller channel. Our mid-term target is set at 15% annual net sales growth.

Home market

In our Finnish home market we sell and deliver software and consulting services mainly directly to our customers. In process and enterprise architecture modeling software we are a local market leader with approximately a 50% market share. In recent years we have significantly grown our business in consulting services aimed at operational development in organizations.

Process mining and measuring is a new software product category in which we strive for significant growth for our new, innovative software. We are a local market leader in this category, and among the most advanced companies in the world to develop software for this domain. In 2015 The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent to our technology for analyzing and improving business processes with event instance data. We have developed this technology since 2009 and launched QPR ProcessAnalyzer software based on it in 2011. QPR ProcessAnalyzer is a process mining tool that automatically generates accurate, real-life process flowcharts based on event instance data extracted from IT systems, instead of manually modeling the flowcharts. The software contains ready-made connectors to the most common IT systems such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce.com, Epicor, ServiceNow, Infor M3, and Microsoft SQL Server.

International markets

In international markets, the majority of our software sales is executed by our reseller network that extends into more than 50 countries. Our reseller partners offer in their respective markets - in addition to selling our software  - related technical and management consultancy services. Our own earnings logic in international markets is based almost exclusively on software sales.

We aim to grow international software net sales by expanding our reseller network, especially for our new software products.

For our modeling and performance measuring software products, we are looking for reseller partners to build scalable solution business with us in their home markets. Solution areas based on our off-the-shelf software include process mining, quality management, Lean, risk management, process and enterprise architecture, people performance management, Balanced Scorecard as well as strategy execution planning and monitoring.

For our resellers we offer, in addition to software sales commissions, an attractive opportunity to significantly grow consulting business in their own markets. Through our innovative offering, they gain an opportunity to differentiate from competition that is using traditional methodologies and tools.

Our values

Our values are Long-term success together, Reliability and Respect. They define our operating culture and thus create a foundation for our future success and growth.