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14 January 2016

Why you should combine Strategy Execution and Quality Management

I was recently privileged to participate at two Strategy Execution & Performance Forums in the Middle East at the end of 2015 and was excited to notice the following rising trend in many organizations in the region: combining Strategy Execution and Quality Management are increasingly on the agenda of organizations in both private and public sectors. 

As we all know, many organizations work actively in the areas of Strategy Execution and Quality Management and have even established organizational departments for the disciplines. Despite significant efforts it seems that many organizations are struggling to succeed in these areas: Many strategies remain on too high a level and fail in execution. At the same time quality initiatives are focusing on incremental improvements that are not generating significant value for the organization. 

I believe one of the main reasons why organizations fail in Strategy Execution and Quality Management is that the disciplines are not linked and aligned with each other but rather managed in isolation. My experience is that organizations would achieve greater results by linking Strategy Execution and Quality Management. With this approach both disciplines will succeed as:

  • Strategy drives quality initiatives to ensure that strategically important areas of operations are influenced by quality management initiatives
  • Quality Management supports Strategy Execution by ensuring that strategic plans are implemented in the day-to-day operations of the organization   

There is already plenty of research evidence to illustrate the value of Strategy Execution and Quality Management and both disciplines can provide huge financial gains for organizations. I believe the key in achieving the great results in the mentioned disciplines is to align the two to work in harmony.

I have been excited to learn that in many organizations in the Middle East strategy and quality departments already report to the same entity which is a great starting point in aligning the important disciplines to ensure operational excellence and successful strategy execution. In my mind the next step is to ensure that both departments work jointly towards the same direction with aligned methodology and using a common set of IT tools to ensure success. 

As we at QPR strongly believe in the value of combining the discussed methodologies I invite you to visit our solutions pages for Strategy Execution and Quality Management


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