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Take Your Process Mining Experience Further with QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.5

QPR ProcessAnalyzer continues its rapid development cycle and the newest release is out now. This release brings forth new ways to use the tool and also assists the power users in their usage of QPR ProcessAnalyzer. 

The QPR ProcessAnalyzer deployment package for QPR UI represent the latest in QPR design. This package creates new out of the box possibilities for analyzing your process performance. The basis of this deployment package comes in form of the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Frontpage. This navigation view gives the possibility for the user to easily navigate between different analysis views. The Frontpage gives access to the basic QPR ProcessAnalyzer functionality and kickstarts the process analysis experience in a nice graphical fashion. From the Frontpage, Conformance Analysis,  is one of the key deployment analysis functionalities that are available. Introduced in our previous release 2018.3, Conformance Analysis takes the as-designed model of your process and compares it to the data loaded into QPR ProcessAnalyzer. Using the BPMN model as a reference, the Conformance Analysis view shows the compliance of your real life process and presents in a visual fashion for instant analysis. 




Conformance View comes as a part of the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Deployment Package

The deployment package includes the ChartView functionality as part of it's offering. This view has been a part of our previous releases and it is one of the key functionalities in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Deployment Package. ChartView allows the creation of customized presentations using different chart presentations, showcasing your data in dynamic new ways. This is achieved using QPR ProcessAnalyzer's proprietary KPI Expression Engine, that processes your data with a specialized, process mining oriented scripting language. Power users willing to use this language can get their start in our wiki and then test out their scripts using the KPI Analysis Tester. This view contains a view where you can instantly test out and validate your KPI analysis scripts that can then be used for creation in dashboards and other functionalities. The deployment package also features administrative tools, such as  Password Change and Model Manager. Password Change is usable for changing your password to the environment. The Model Manager enables the administrator to monitor which models are loaded into the memory of the server and allows to manage said models. These views are additional functionalities that can be used for stand-alone environments.

Dashboard creation in QPR UI has also received updates as we have taken the panel creation forward. The new version brings forward a new logic for placing the presentation objects that allows for new ways of creating QPR Ui presentations. The editor features a new viewer and editor mode toggle, that enables you to instantly check how the result would appear on an end-user view. The panels can now be overlapping with each other which creates new possibilities for designing dashboards and visualizations of your process data. These additions make the dashboard design easier and allows for faster validation of data checking.

These additions improve upon the visual features of QPR ProcessAnalyzer and give new possibilities for using the leading Process Mining tool.

To hear more about the new release and its features, check out our release webinar below.

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Written by

Riku Mikkonen

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