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8 November 2017

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.8 - What's New?

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.8 represents the latest in Process Mining excellence, bringing you unparalleled performance and analysis methods.


We here at QPR are devoted in delivering quality to our customers and have thus adopted a 6-week release cycle for QPR ProcessAnalyzer, a process mining tool.


As our release cycle is nearing its end, we are proud to put forward the results of that cycle. Here are some of the release highlights:


In this release, we will be introducing a new analysis type to the QPR UI version of QPR ProcessAnalyzer. Event Profiling Analysis differs from the normal Profiling Analysis in the sense that you are using the event attributes as data. Event attributes refer to specific extra attributes you can specify in your data that can be used for further analysis. Using this analysis, you can easily drill down to the event level and gather important, vital information about what happens in your processes. You can easily compare, for example, the amounts that a typical event handler does or you can easily see if the process is automated or manual. You are able to benchmark the events, seeing which attribute performs well and which does not. This feature enables new ways to do analysis and to do pinpoint drilldowns.


In the previous release, we introduced the in-memory engine. This feature loaded your models to be read from your servers memory, compared to reading it from a conventional hard drive. This feature was found to improve analysis speeds to up to 20 times faster when compared to the hard drive method. Improving the analysis experience is important, so this release features further tweaks and improvements to the in-memory mode, allowing you to perform your analysis more faster and efficiently than ever before.


Our web interface, QPR UI, has updates to its selection logic. You can just click on an object and it updates the selection automatically, making the system more responsive and improving your analysis experience. This is a great improvement into making QPR ProcessAnalyzer more responsive and much more easier to use.


Our Excel Version for Power Users has been updated with new demo models. These new models include our Healthcare Patient Journey and Insurance Claims models. These new models enable you to get familiar with the product and allows you to see the real power that QPR ProcessAnalyzer brings forward to you. Same models can also be found in the QPR UI Global environment.


QPR ProcessAnalyzer consists of many demo models that showcase the features.


This release features many other great improvements and fixes that are sure to improve your process mining experience. For a full list of features, you can check out our QPR ProcessAnalyzer Wiki.

Book a demo here to see how these new features look like, or check out our webinar below.

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This release improves the already great tool into an even more impressive tool and is a release not to be missed!


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