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6 September 2017

Digitalizing Your Enterprise Nervous System

What is Enterprise Nervous System?


Nervous System

If you have ever suffered from nasty physical pain, for example, in the form of fractures or toothache, you must have thought how wonderful it would be if you wouldn’t feel the pain at all (and then maybe took some pain relievers).  Simultaneously, you realized how difficult life would be without these sensations: you would have no realization when something bad is happening to you or your body.

Our ability to feel different bodily sensations keeps us from hurting ourselves too badly. More importantly, the sensory information we get from inside and outside of our bodies enable us to react to the altering conditions in our living environment and coordinate our actions among different organs. Thanks to our nervous system that transmits signals to and from different parts of the body, all the way to our brain to be sensed.


Enterprise Nervous System

Now consider your enterprise: does it have a similar nervous system that enables you to feel all the different sensations within your organization, to coordinate actions, and to react to changes in your operating environment and ecosystem in a timely fashion? Probably not. Maybe your top management doesn’t see what the real pain points in the customer interface are, or your business units develop their operations in silos due to a lack of coordination. The eyes don’t see, and the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

We are riding the wave of digitalization that as a phenomenon emerges from the exponential progress of technology (viz. Moore’s law), connectivity between people and things, and recombinant innovation based on all things digital. This brings economic disruption globally, and it will disrupt business management as well.


Digitalizing Your Enterprise Nervous System

What I find exciting is that, from a business management's perspective, digitalization enables the creation of digital enterprise nervous systems and thus, digitalization of business management itself. A digital enterprise nervous system consists of means for extraction and delivery of sensory information from operating environment and business operations to the units responsible for decision making, actions, and coordination.

QPR Business Operating System is a platform for realizing your digital enterprise nervous system. Through performance monitoring, and process mining and intelligence, you get sensory information about your organization's current operations. Business design and operations design provide the neural pathways that deliver, enrich, and recombine the sensory information and provide insight for your decision-making units. This digital combination of performance management, operational intelligence, and design domains brings synergy unrivaled by contemporary management systems.

I personally consider that we at QPR Software are in the business of realizing digital enterprise nervous systems. With such a digital nervous system in place, your organization becomes a living and reacting digital thing. But what kind of a thing and what it involves is another story. That I will tell in my next blog post about digital enterprise twins and intelligent business. Stay tuned!

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Toni Ruokolainen
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