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20 November 2018

Custom KPI Dashboards with QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.8

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.8 takes custom dashboarding to the next level by introducing major improvements in the areas of Customer Dashboard Development, KPI Analysis and QPR ProcessAnalyzer FrontPage.


Custom Dashboards

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.8 introduces an easy-to-use custom dashboarding functionality that makes it possible to create fantastic dashboards in less than 1 minute! Dashboards are created as QPR UI views and we can easily add any QPR ProcessAnalyzer views, analyses and KPI analyses with a single mouse click. Use cases for Custom Dashboard include:

  • Easy-to-use summary dashboards for business people
  • Radiator screen dashboard that updates in real-time and is visible in a monitor screen for the whole team/department
  • Process mining application consisting of several linked dashboard views allowing easy review of process performance
  • Ad-hoc dashboard for presenting one important business finding with root case analysis and cases drill-down
  • Data validation dashboards giving an instant overview of several profiling analyses

Let's now create our Custom Dashboard in less than 1 minute!

Time: 0 minutes 0 seconds - start by creating a completely empty view with QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

Time: 0 minutes 14 seconds - I have added QPR ProcessAnalyzer flowchart presentation object and 3 extra copies of QPR ProcessAnalyzer KPI Analysis presentation objects into the new view and positioned them nicely.

Time: 0 minutes 59 seconds - I have configured the KPI Analysis views with the graphical settings to show relevant KPIs - and voila! we have a pretty good looking Dashboard ready!  :) 

Improved KPI Analysis

KPI Analysis is an integrated easy-to-configure analysis type that allows user to show a wide variety of process mining related KPI's with multiple graph presentations. In addition to the previous supported Table and Column Chart presentations KPI Analysis now supports Area, Bar, Donut, Line and Spline Charts. Below we see some examples created with improved KPI Analysis


Picture above shows the percentage of cases per each Region using the new Donut presentation.  On the left we see the QPR ProcessAnalyzer flowchart component that is used to filter and drive the further KPI Analysis.


Picture above is showing the duration (or lead time) between activities "Sales order received" and "Order handling". By default the KPI Analysis calculates the lead times by taking into account the first occurrence of "Order handling" after the last occurrence of "Sales order received". It gives the correct result also when there is other activities taking place between the start and end activity. In this analysis I selected Product Group as the categories and Line Chart as the presentation.

Sometimes its nice to see a bit more curved lines :)  The picture above uses the Spline Chart presentation to show how total case duration changes over the case starting month.

Above we show the average event count by supplier using Area Chart.

And as icing on the cake I present the average amount of cases per month for each account manager in a horizontal Bar Chart.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer FrontPage

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.8 has a flexible adaptive user interface supporting various devices like laptops, tablets and phones. QPR ProcessAnalyzer FrontPage is the default user interface allowing easy navigation between various pre-built process mining functionalities and analysis. FrontPage is extended by creating new custom dashboards or loading ready-made applications for specific ERP Systems and/or Business Processes. FrontPage can also be fully customized and extended by custom dashboards allowing easy access to relevant analysis material to the right people in your organization.

Other Improvements

In addition to these main features 2018.8 also includes several other improvements:

  • Dashboard/view panel reuse and version management improvement makes it easier to share common content in multiple different dashboard/views.
  • Duration influence analysis is now available as in-memory analysis making this very useful analysis as fast as the main memory
  • SAML Federated authentication improvements extend built-in compatibility of Microsoft Azure Active Directly to support also customized Azure AD B2C Cloud Identity services

I hope you find this blog useful and feel free to send us feedback. Looking forward to meet you in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.8 release webinar.

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