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17 March 2017

Business Process Manager, should your organization take up process mining?

Business Process Management is increasing the use of data in improving operational performance.

Traditionally, managing and optimizing processes have been a very labor intensive area that requires lot of time from experts in the organizations. However, the growing demands in being more efficient and showing results faster is also hitting Business Process Managers. Very often, I’ve heard of them stating that when their situation analysis is ready, the data of which they are backing their assumptions with has already changed, rendering the analysis all but useless. How can we overcome this issue?

When optimizing processes, the most time-consuming part is often collecting data. You get a head start by automating this part. The basis for understanding the operational situation in an organization is to understand what is actually happening and being executed, and not what is assumed to be happening. This you find out with process mining.

A process mining tool visualizes what kind of process flows take place in your organizations and how different teams and units are performing. This empowers professionals who are responsible for optimizing and improving operational performance with the means to find the best practices in use. Business Process Managers can then focus more on analyzing results and finding improvement points.

When improvement needs are identified and actions taken, process mining also gives you means to easily follow up on the impact of changes in business processes. For example, not only does QPR ProcessAnalyzer visualize the actual process flows but offers also a variety of analyses for organizations to understand the processes and attributes affecting them much deeper and to monitor how improvement actions are changing the processes. With the help of this process mining software, you can also easily update where to target improvement and development when new actions are required.

The answer to the question I presented in the beginning - Business Process Manager, should your organization take up process mining? – is a definite yes. To answer to the ever-growing pace of business, you need to be able to react quickly and not build analyses that are outdated already before they are completed. The accumulation of data is making sure that your analyses cannot be based on gut feeling: you need figures to back up your claims. This you get with process mining. 


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Marja Rajamäki
Business Development Manager