QPR Risk and Compliance Management Solution

Risk and Compliance Management

By building your Risk and Compliance Management Solution on QPR software your organization can easier identify, assess, monitor, report and respond to risk, and conveniently demonstrate the quality of control to auditors. QPR based Risk and Compliance Management helps you document and categorize your risks and controls, assign ownership, inform when assessments or tests are due, consolidate assessment scores automatically and ranks risks by risk score.

Unique about the QPR based Risk and Compliance Management solution is the online collaboration functionality, which allows users to comment and share ideas, report incidents, assign tasks, launch corrective action and track progress. This provides powerful analysis, monitoring and reporting in multiple formats, including Microsoft Office tools.

Why choose for Risk and Compliance Management with QPR?

With QPR you will:  

  • Make your managers and employees signigficantly more risk and compliance aware
  • Support managers in making significanlty better decisions
  • Save time and effort in assessing, consolidating, reporting and testing risks and controls
  • Provide employees with effective tools to support their role and reporting requirements
  • Facilitate convenient and effective audits
  • Make risk and compliance management an integrated part of managing your strategy, performance, projects and processes 


Additional  technical information

QPR ProcessDesigner - Process Design and Documentation

QPR Metrics - Process Performance and Control

QPR ProcessAnalyzer - Let us surprise you with Your processes!

Selected customer references


African Rainbow Minerals
African Rainbow Minerals, one of South Africa's largest mining companies, active in a multitude of locations on the African continent, was under increasing pressure of its stakeholders to demonstrate prudent risk management in all of its activities. With QPR it achieved a level of "real time risk communication", significantly its operational risk management practices, which resulted in improved quality of risk reporting, improved risk evaluation and decision making and 30% lower insurance cost than any other company in its industry.
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H.I.S. Co. Ltd
H.I.S., a comprehensive travel company providing overseas business trips, group tours and package tours, enhanced transparency in management by using QPR for J-SOX. The company was urged to respond Japan Sarbanes-Oxley Act (J-SOX Act). QPR J-SOX brought forward the business visualization and highlighted the need for interactivity in everyday work between departments, crucially helping in revaluating process interfaces. As a result of all this, their operational efficiency and productivity increased.
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 City of Lohja

City of Lohja
The rising importance of risk management motivated the City of Lohja, a 40,000  inhabitant city in the south-west of Finland, to introduce systematic risk management software into its management system. Traditionally, risk management had operated as its own separate segment, but the city wanted to make its employees take part in risk management more actively in order to achieve concrete results faster. Now all the information needed in risk management can now be found inside the City of Lohja’s management system.
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