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QPR solutions for healthcare

Healthcare faces new challenges through many changes in operating environment in the beginning of the 21st century. The aging population and rapid development of healthcare technology generate new expectations and needs for healthcare. At the same time the competition over top expertise gets harder and available resources scarcer. As healthcare organizations are composed of both medical and non-medical staff all management systems must enable all staff groups to collaborate and share information in a commonly understandable way. And not least, many healthcare providers are run by a non-profit organization where charity needs to be combined with business aspects.

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Solutions are used for:

  • Efficiency management
  • Meeting regulatory requirements 
  • Meeting stakeholders’ (like the patients') expectations
  • Operating systems
  • Operational improvement
  • Organizational & activity restructuring
  • Performance management
  • Quality management and systems
  • Process optimization (both administrative and medical processes like CPR)
  • Resource and capacity optimization
  • Strategy implementation

Solutions delivered:

  • Collaboration portals
  • Control systems
  • Management dashboards
  • Performance management systems
  • Process-oriented organization structures
  • Quality management systems
  • Quality hand-books

Benefits achieved:

  • Right resource use and allocation
  • Efficient customer acquisition
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Customer loyalty
  • Improved mission critical processes (e.g. CPR)
  • Collaboration between medical and non-medical staff
  • Speeded-up strategy implementation
  • Success in meeting the regulatory requirements
  • Sustainable process improvement


Selected customer references

Healthcare organizations know how to become agile and efficient in operations with QPR!


H. Familie
With the help of QPR  Metrics and QPR ProcessGuide H. Familie translated its two year strategic plan into a balanced scorecard. Further, the Group modeled a complete process architecture to fulfill the Governments’ needs to translate strategy into key performance measures. It also built a project monitoring scorecard including action management to incorporate a complete PDCA cycle.
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Health Inspectorate of the Republic of Latvia
Faced with the challenges of restructuring the activities of three inspection bodies into one, the Health Inspectorate of the Republic of Latvia applied the ISO9001 quality management standard, supported by QPR Software’s QPR ProcessDesigner to discover, map, plan, implement and improve the new processes of the restructured organization.
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Slovak Diagnostic Group
Slovak Diagnostic Group incorporates four modern healthcare facilities focused on magnetic resonance. Progressively orientated management of the group identified the need for managing its facilities – not just on the operative and daily basis – but also with strategic orientation on performance development and efficiency and on the quality of services. To achieve these they chose QPR’s performance management software QPR Metrics. Encouraged by the success with it, the group decided to continue to process management and optimization with the help of QPR ProcessDesigner process management software.
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