QPR reference customers in banking and finance sectors

QPR solutions for banking and insurance

Many of the challenges in the financial sector deal with issues like need to secure risk management as well as compliance to national or industry regulation and  internal or external auditing, providing real time employee level information on bonus achievement or following on real time Key Performance Indicators related to loan application management, new sales or customer service. Customers are fast in their movements and a bank or insurance company is changed easily. Therefore e.g. turnaround times must be short and service smooth.

Solutions are used for:

  • Automated reports for decision making
  • Automated performance management systems
  • Good governance by better transparency and accountability
  • Identifying areas of concerns
  • Linking overall objectives to operational tasks
  • Internal benchmarking 
  • Meeting the regulatory requirements
  • Obtaining quality certifications
  • More efficient management by solving issues on the correct level
  • Shorter reaction times on critical issues
  • Unified base for internal control system, process rationalization, risk management and auditing

Solutions delivered:

  • Automated management systems integrating planning, budgeting and performance management
  • Automated performance management systems 
  • Collaboration portals
  • Control systems
  • Process repositories

Benefits achieved:

  • Clearer management focus
  • Easier and faster decision making process
  • From several systems to one
  • Improved productivity ratio
  • Accountability
  • Capacity utilization
  • Goal alignment
  • Improved Income to cost ratio
  • Improved new clients acquisition
  • Transparency
  • Increased sales volumes
  • More motivated employees
  • Reduced staff churn
  • More visible strategy and goals
  • Raised performance awareness
  • Reduced turnaround times
  • Shorten approval times


Selected customer references

Banks, insurance companies and financial institutes know how to become agile and efficient in operations with QPR!


Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK)
The Indonesian Financial Services Authority has been using its QPR Metrics powered SIMPEL named strategy management system almost its entire existence. With SIMPEL the Authority justifies its existence and performance to all stakeholders and looks for new opportunities to guarantee an even better performance in the future.
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Real People
The automated Performance Management System based on QPR Metrics performance management software allows South African specialist credit provider Real People to calculate and display incentive earnings on a daily basis, to drive strategic objectives more effectively and to ensure alignment of goals throughout the organization.
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 Commercial Bank of Dubai

Commercial Bank of Dubai
Commercial Bank of Dubai is a mid-sized bank based in Dubai employing a staff of 1,200 in 24 branch offices. With QPR Metrics and QPR ProcessDesigner it has a single platform that enhanced its strategic planning and monitoring based on Balanced Scorecard, and that improved the quality of its operations to comply with the ISO 9001 standard.
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 Millenium bcp

Millennium bcp
Millennium bcp is Portugal’s leading financial group. It applies QPR Suite to support its business-driven BPM initiative, which uses a single, shared process model among stakeholder groups from Quality, Risk, Operations, IT, Business Continuity and Compliance to effectively establish a process management culture among its employees.
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