sp qpr energy solution

QPR solutions for energy and utilities 

Opening international competition, meeting industry and regulatory requirements, environmental protection, technical security, ability to communicate and implement strategy, goals and performance to the entire organization or change of operational culture are common challenges to many organizations in the energy industry.

Solutions are used for:

  • Asset utilization
  • Automation and reporting tools
  • Operational excellence
  • Strategy implementation
  • Corporate performance management
  • Problem area identification 
  • Tackling competition
  • Understanding customer needs
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Environmental care
  • Management reporting system
  • LEAN project implementation
  • Value stream mapping
  • Communicating targets and success in achieving them

Solutions delivered:

  • Corporate performance management solution
  • Corporate process model aligning IT with business
  • Corporate reporting solution
  • Corporate balanced scorecard
  • Corporate strategy map
  • Control system meeting international oil industry standards
  • LEAN management solution

Benefits achieved:

  • Reduced production losses
  • Clarified strategy
  • Better performance thanks to improved processes
  • Speeded-up strategy implementation
  • Problem areas discovered
  • Shorter reaction times
  • Better focus on key areas
  • Improved quality
  • Goals and targets achieved
  • Management early warnings system
  • Understanding of one’s contribution to company performance
  • Capability to monitor performance
  • Capability to monitor progress in problem solving


Selected customer references

Construction companies know how to become agile and efficient in operations with QPR!


CNOOC SES, subsidiary to the one of the largest state owned oil and gas producers in China (CNOOC), and operating off the coast of Indonesia was seeking a means to optimize throughput while maintaining the highest level of safety standards for its personnel. It chose QPR Metrics for ensuring the proper execution of strategy while at the same time managing the organization's performance in safety levels. Ventana Research (USA) awarded the case with the 2010 Overall Performance Management Leadership Award.
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Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant
Mexico’s biggest nuclear power plant entered the BSC Hall of Fame with QPR powered strategy management system (Implementing the process of strategy execution premium, “XPP”). With the help of the QPR powered Strategy Management System, the entire Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant's staff are now focused on strategy and operational deployment of the strategic objectives. Already in the first year key performance indicator targets were reached, and the plant rose from Level 3 to Level 2 of excellence, as assessed by the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO).
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TRE-FOR is an energy and utility company in Denmark providing more than 130,000 customers with electricity, water, district heating, and cable-services (Internet, TV and phone). The company chose QPR Metrics to actively work with the strategies, to have one tool for coordinating of and following up on the fulfillment of strategic action plans, gathering and visualizing critical information/key performance indicators, and to obtaining fast and flexible management information. Encouraged by the good experience with QPR Metrics, a LEAN project was executed with QPR ProcessDesigner. Thanks to the combine use of QPR Metrics and QPR ProcessDesigner, it is possible to measure not only the company’s performance in the balanced scorecard but also the progress in solved problems, decreasing process time and suddenly free resources.
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Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC)
Automation and Reporting tool (ARP) build on QPR Metrics and QPR ProcessDesigner software is a crucial link in transforming Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company into a world-class entity and promoting best practices, in Abu Dhabi and internationally. All ADSSC internal and external reporting is now done by using the ARP tool.
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