Business Process Analysis Suite by QPR Software

Business Process Analysis

QPR based Business Process Analysis allows your organization to document, plan, communicate and improve processes in a pragmatic manner that focuses on achieving your business objectives fast and efficiently. For this reason QPR focuses on supporting and involving both your business users as well as IT experts, ensuring that all aspects of your operations are taken into account in process improvement work. QPR offers rich process management functionality inside a remarkably intuitive and easy to use software environment that resembles the office productivity tools that business and IT users work with daily.

Why choose for Business Process Analysis with QPR?

With QPR you will:

  • Shortens the time between process improvement work and measurable results that affect your bottom line
  • Engages your business side users to take on a leading role in process improvement work
  • Establishes effective process governance and life-cycle management
  • Eliminates suboptimization and duplicative work by introducing a single tool that encourages systematic process management
  • Support all your process stakeholders and allow each group to take advantage of the synergies that exist between their efforts


Additional Technical Information

  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer for discovering your true processes. Learn more
  • QPR ProcessDesigner for focusing on business process analysis and modeling. Learn more
  • QPR EAXpress desk-top business process analysis and modeling tool. Learn more
  • QPR Metrics for process performance measurement. Learn more


Selected Customers References

With its head office in Austria, ALPLA is a world leader in plastic packaging solutions. The group employs around 13,000 people in 148 locations in 39 countries. Five years ago it had 50 locations less. To meet the challenges of the strong growth and the diverse requirements of its customers, the group realized the importance of having all processes under control. This required global process models driving on enterprise-wide standardization of procedures and in the same time allowing sufficient flexibility on the local level.


Banco Espirito Santo (BES)
Banco Espirito Santo is the largest listed bank in Portugal, and the second largest private financial institution in Portugal by net assets. Group BES wanted to create a repository for all business and support processes. This process repository should work as the base for the internal control system, processes rationalization, operational risk management and auditing. QPR ProcessDesigner business process analysis and modeling software allowed BES to change from several systems to an integrated and unified one.
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Concrete production solutions provider Tecwill was transforming rom manufacturer into a services company. With the help of QPR ProcessDesigner and consultancy provided by QPR Software Plc Tecwill updated all its core processes to the level required by its service business. The end results are higher operational quality, satisfied customers and a motivated staff.
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TRE-FOR is an energy and utility company in Denmark providing more than 130,000 customers with electricity, water, district heating, and cable-services (Internet, TV and phone). The company chose QPR Metrics to actively work with the strategies, to have one tool for coordinating of and following up on the fulfillment of strategic action plans, gathering and visualizing critical information/key performance indicators, and to obtaining fast and flexible management information. Encouraged by the good experience with QPR Metrics, a LEAN project was executed with QPR ProcessDesigner. Thanks to the combine use of QPR Metrics and QPR ProcessDesigner, it is possible to measure not only the company’s performance in the balanced scorecard but also the progress in solved problems, decreasing process time and suddenly free resources.
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University of Latvia
Supported by University of Latvia’s upper management, the Quality Management and Audit Department team began active research and evaluation of the process management solutions available in the market. After a thorough analysis, the team came to a conclusion that QPR ProcessDesigner was the best fit for UL since in addition to mere process modeling, it also provides an opportunity to systematize associated information, which is crucial for fective process management and implementation.
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