Training and eLearning Services

As with any other software, as a QPR customer you can get the most value out of QPR software products when you acquire proper knowledge and skill about product features and how to use them most effectively.  To help your team obtain sufficient skill we offer a rich portfolio of different training packages that can be tailored to fully match your requirements.

We are able to deliver training at our headquarters in Helsinki, at your offices as well as online. Trainings are always provided by a QPR Certified consultant, either from QPR Software or from a local Value Added Reseller.

Our training services portfolio includes:

  • QPR Metrics Training
  • QPR ProcessDesigner Training
  • QPR FactView Developer Training
  • QPR Portal Training
  • QPR Administrator Training
  • Integration and API scripting training 


QPR eLearning Modules

The QPR eLearning modules allow you to train and increase your competence in using QPR Metrics  and QPR ProcessDesigner fast and conveniently, wherever you are and whenever you wish, at your own pace.

QPR ProcessDesigner eLearning Module

Go from beginner to advanced user by taking 30 basic and 21 advanced exercises that cover topics from process model creation, linking performance measures to model objects, to running simulations and doing analysis. After the exercises you will have gained all the competences you need to build, deploy and maintain enterprise-wide process modeling structures to ensure your organization obtains most value from QPR ProcessDesigner.

QPR ProcessDesigner eLearning Module, 3 month access for a single user is priced at 89 Euros.

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QPR Metrics eLearning Module

QPR Metrics e-learning tool includes 25 basic exercises starting from connecting to QPR server and creating your first model up to defining the Product Development Strategy to your model company. In addition the tool includes 19 advanced exercises introducing you with e.g. user management and data importing issues. After the exercises you will be able the perform advanced modeling, create high impact presentations and maximize the use of the available functionality of QPR Metrics.

QPR Metrics eLearning Module, 3 month access for a single user is priced at 89 Euros.

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QPR Software Plc also offers customized training and consulting services according to your needs, including different methodologies and practices for strategy and performance management, enterprise architecture management, quality management and process management.