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QPR ProcessAnalysis

Traditionally, discovering business processes has required workshops, interviews with key stakeholders and even process observations. Not only are these cumbersome to perform, but also they are subject to personal opinion and limited insight. Automated Business Process Discovery turns this concept on its head.

Offered as a fixed-price project, QPR ProcessAnalysis is a service that transforms the log files of your organization into fact-based, actionable knowledge of your processes. This is done with the help of static and animated process flows, duration charts, and other means of process visualization. In addition to providing exact “as-is” description of your processes, the analysis also gives you insight into process bottlenecks, resource usage and different case types.


Your Benefits of Automated Business Process Discovery
  • Save time & cost compared to traditional, manual process discovery
  • Get a fact-based "as-is" view of the processes of your organization
  • Track changes and monitor process improvement as they unfold


Areas of use include:

  • Before improvement projects: identifying areas for improvement and evaluating the current situation
  • During improvement projects: continuously tracking the performance and changes
  • After improvement projects: assessing the effect of the changes
  • Objectively validating current process models
  • Identifying repeating patterns and special cases  
  • Identifying best practices
  • Calculating process statistics: durations and volumes
  • Analysis focusing on several organization units