QPR Software Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Enterprise Architecture is a strategic management means for unifying and aligning business development and information technology with your strategic objectives. Enterprise Architecture Management will help you reduce costs related to IT,  shorten procurement times and improve your return on IT investment. QPR Software is a member of the The ArchiMate Forum of The Open Group.

To help your organization get started with, or improve its' enterprise architecture practices, QPR Software offers the following consultancy services: 


Enterprise Architecture Method Implementation

The QPR Enterprise Architecture Method Implementation Services helps you establish an Enterprise Architecture Framework that suits your organization. A framework provides your organization with a systematic way of modeling, controlling and developing your Enterprise Architecture. Our service follows established frameworks such as TOGAF and Zachmann complemented with practices that have been tested to work well in real life cases. Our Enterprise Architecture Method Implementation Service is an extension of the QPR Process Management Framework, which has been applied by over 200 organizations over the past 10 years.

The Enterprise Architecture Framework consists of a set of tried-and-true best practices. It is a direct continuation of the QPR Process Management Framework that holds a solid track record of 200 customer projects during the last 10 years.  


Business-Driven Systems Architecture Definition

QPR helps you model the part of your business for which a new system is deployed. Better system requirements are achieved thanks to a model that contains both business processes and information. This ensures that the system supports, not dictates, the operations of your organization. QPR also helps in situations where a clear picture is needed of current systems and their possible overlaps. Controlled dismantling is made possible by a systems map and results in saved costs and increased efficiency. Our experts have a solid track record in business-driven systems projects both from industry and as supplier. For Enterprise Architecture, QPR offers the best know-how, methods, and tools.


Enterprise Architecture Pre-Study

The best way to start Enterprise Architecture is doing an Enterprise Architecture Pre-Study. By doing so, initial conditions as well as development areas are identified. Additionally, the pre-study helps determine best way to go forward with the architectural work. This way, your organization can focus its development on things that yield the biggest benefits or savings.
In the pre-study, key players are interviewed, existing models are examined, workshops are held, and the need for architectural work is assessed by surveys in larger parts of the organization.
QPR Software offers Enterprise Architecture services in limited parts of the world. For more information, please contact us!