Business Analysis Software QPR FactView

Business Analysis with QPR FactView

Aiming to give users of QPR Metrics and QPR ProcessDesigner better insight into operations and transactional data, QPR provides QPR FactView exclusively as an add-on to QPR Metrics and/or QPR ProcessDesigner. QPR FactView provides a single architecture to offer everything you would expect from a complete analysis solution – dashboards and alerts, multi-dimensional analyses, slice & dice of data, without the limitations, cost or complexity normally associated with traditional Business Intelligence solutions.

QPR FactView's in-memory analysis and data association technology frees your organization from the need for centrally storing and pre-processing of intelligence data in data warehouses and OLAP cubes. Instead, data is loaded, prepared and presented on the fly and at the click of a mouse button with sub-zero second response times.

With QPR FactView, you will gain additional benefits from your QPR Metrics installation: QPR FactView provides you with smart, fast and easy to use analysis capabilities. QPR FactView will enable you to build solutions that can be deployed in days, while end users have complete freedom to be more creative in their analyses.

Fast time to value

Arm your business with ad-hoc business intelligence fast: QPR FactView easily combines an unlimited number of data sources and combines these into an in-memory data universe that provides ad-hoc data analysis capabilities. Customers are live in less than 30 days, and most in a week.

Easy to use

Your end users will love working with QPR FactView and can get started with it immediately as it requires no training: Three colors and knowing how to operate a mouse are the key prerequisites.


Unlike traditional OLAP-based approaches, QPR FactView provides unlimited drill-down dimensions and measures that can be modified in seconds. No longer will your business users have to wait for the completion of a new OLAP cube to get the answers they are looking for: QPR FactView provides the answer immediately.


Provide your users with a fully integrated business analysis suite that encompasses power analysis, sophisticated applications, and easy-to-use reporting on a single architecture.


Make overnight processing a thing of the past, QPR FactView provides you with near instant response times on massive data volumes.

Learn how you can strengthen your QPR ScoreCard installation with the powerful, ad-hoc Business Intelligence capabilities that QPR FactView offers!

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