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This page is dedicated to offering free Balanced Scorecard information. Here you will find a growing collection of white papers, webinars, examples from industry, tips, best practices  and lessons learned completely free!

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Balanced Scorecard Examples: Experiences from Industry!

Chemical - AKSA Acrylic (Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame)
Seeking to improve compliance with quality, safety and social responsibility standards and regulations, while ensuring alignhment with strategic objectives, AKSA Acrylic implemented QPR's Integrated Management System. It helped ASKA expand the concept of quality, safety and reliability to more areas of it's business than just its tactical operations, resulting in AKSA being awarded with the EFQM National Quality Award in 2008. Download the success story and learn exactly how they achieved this!
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Central Government -  Zacatecas secretary of administration
The State of Zacatecas is one of the 32 Federal entities of the Republic of Mexico. With the QPR powered balanced scorecard based performance and quality management system in use, the Zacatecas secretary of administration can trust it can always deliver on-time its indicators for the national comparison and to its’ senior management team for internal decision making. It has in use a friendly way of presenting the indicators that best accommodates the secretariat of administration and facilitate integration of reports - monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual. 
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Central Government - Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services (ADSSC)

ADSSC is a public organization, wholly owned by the Abu Dhabi Government. In order to improve strategy management it implemented an aurtomated reporting environment based on Balanced Scorecard and extended to include risk, regulatory compliance and quality management. This example discusses the architecture of the implementation as well as the implementation project and provides valuable information for anyone implementing a Balanced Scorecard reporting solution.
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Retail and Distribution - Teknosa
Teknosa, Turkey's leading technology retail chain with over 225 stores in 58 cities uses QPR to ensure effective Balanced Scorecard management, extended with Lean Six sigma practices to ensure quality of service levels to its customers. With QPR it achieved ISO 9001 compliance and brought store quality up to International Award winning levels, combined with successful Balanced Scorecard management it managed to successfully fend off foreign competition to remain the undisputed market leader in its home market.
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Manufacturing: Dubai Aluminium - United Arab Emirates
Serving over 300 customers in 45 countries and producing a million tonnes of finished aluminium products annually, Dubai Aluminium sought an effective means of automating and upscaling its Balanced Scorecard implementation. It chose QPR ScoreCard, as "without a doubt" Dubai Aluminum recognized it as the best tool for this purpose available in the industry today.
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Energy and Utilities: Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) - Mexico
As a large, distributed organization comprising of 176 power plants and serviing over 24 million customers, Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) could no longer rely on office tools like Excel to ensure customer focus and effective strategy execution. QPR allowed CFE to implement Balanced Scorecard and provide hundreds of users an up to date overview of performance in order to improve decision making and the level of quality delivered to all of its customers.
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Local Government: City of Tshwane - South Africa
Like many other municipalities, the city of Tshwane metropolitan municipality consisting of 13,000 employees was seeking to upgrade its' performance management system. QPR ScoreCard allowed it to implement a Balanced Scorecard system that includes budgeting, planning, forecasting, monitoring and reporting of financial and performance data. Key benefit is that unlike any other performance management system of its kind, QPR ScoreCard allows the municipality to own and maintain the system with the skills that exist within the organization!
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Finance and Insurance: Commercial Bank of Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Seeking to improve the strategic planning system of the bank, shorten the manually intensive performance review process and improve management processes to ISO 9001 standard, Commercial Bank of Dubai opted to automate its Balanced Scorecard performance manangement system with QPR ScoreCard. This allowed it to implement the soilution in 19 departments in just 2 months.
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Retail and Distribution: Alina Group - Kazakhstan
Managing rapid organizational growth lead Cental Asia's largest decorative construction material provider Alina to adopt the Balanced Scorecard methodology. QPR ScoreCard allowed it to automate its BSC implementation and deploy it to include over 280 user in just 8 days.
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Balanced ScoreCard White Papers: Implementation Advice!

 BCS guidelines

Guidelines for implementing Balanced Scorecard
This white paper describes all the necessary steps of a Balanced Scorecard implementation project. Its an ideal comanion for organizations that are just getting started with Balanced Scorecard or those that are upgrading their BSC implementation on a bigger scale, involving more participants. The guidelines are based on experience from hundreds of actual implementations at organizations from many different industries.

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 BSC for Public Sector

Balanced Scorecard, a Survival Path for the Public Sector
This white paper discusses need for, as well as the challenges that public organizations typically face when implementing Balanced Scorecard. It takes the public sector of the state of California USA as an example and discusses the challenges it faced with Balanced Scorecard and how it dealt with these challenges.

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 BSC for Governmenrt and Non Profit Organizations

Balanced Scorecard to Fit the Public and Non-Profit Organizations
In this white paper, Balanced Scorecard expert Paul Niven discusses and explains what sets the Balanced Scorecard apart when applied to a public or non-profit organization in comparison to private / for-profit organizations. It provides valuable advice for tailoring the Balanced Scorecard methodology for use in a public organization.

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 BSC as Strategi Navigational Charts

Balanced Scorecards as Strategic Navigational Charts
This white paper discusses the use of Balanced Scorecard to steer your organization where you want it to go. It highlights typical challenges and provides practical tips and tools that you can apply in practice for keeping your Balanced Scorecard implementation healthy and reliable.

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 Combining BSC and Process Management

Combining Balanced Scorecard and Process Management for Business Activity Monitoring
This white paper discusses how organizations can enhance their Balanced Scorecard implementation with process management methodology. It explains how combining both methodologies enables organizations to improve their capability to achieve their goals, identify and mitigate problems faster.

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 True digital dashboarrd support strategic effectiveness

True Digital Dashboards Support Strategic Effectiveness
This white paper discussess the benefits of using digital dashboards as an essential aid for strategic and operational decision making by allowing managers to cut through the clutter of non-information. It goes on to provide valuable tips and advice for building effective dashboards

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 The Quality Strategic Imperative In Healthcare Organizations

The Quality Strategy Imperative for Healthcare Organizations: Why is Quality Strategic?
This white paper discusses the application of Balanced Scorecard methodology in Healthcare organizations in order to make the assurance and continual improvement of Quality a key topic. It offers an effective approach for aligning quality and safety with strategy, called "Healthcare Performance Management"

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Balanced Scorecard Webinars: Practical Tips!

 Webinar - Practical tools for BSC implementation

Practical Tools for Balanced Scorecard Implementation and Maintenance
Many organizations struggle when it comes to the practicalities of implementing the methodology as well as ensuring it’s continued success. To help you overcome these challenges, this webinar with Balanced Scorecard expert Dr. Hendricks discusses how to make Balanced Scorecard work for your organization. It offers practical tips that you can start to use immediately!

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 Practical Tools for Building Strategy Maps

Practical Tools for Building Strategy Maps
The Strategy Map is a key aspect of the Balanced ScoreCard Methodology. A good strategy map is essential for assessing the validity of your strategy - yet many organizations get it wrong. In this webinar, strategy management expert Dr. Hendricks provides tips and best practices, learned from a multitude of strategy management projects.

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 Optimizing Your Balanced Scorecard

Optimizing Your Balanced Scorecard
Optimizing Your Scorecard provides a roadmap for lost scorecards. We provide you with practical tools and realistic ways to reset your course of action. You will learn how to recognize major pitfalls with balanced scorecard early on, and how to avoid them. 10 things you can start dong right now to get your sorecard back on track and how to determine if your efforts deliver results!

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 Balanced Scorecard at CNOOC

Balanced Scorecard Best Practice Case: CNOOC
CNOOC, the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company was recently awarded the Overall Performance Management Leadership Award by Ventana Research - the leading performance management research analyst company. In this webinar CNOOC presents how they implemented Balanced Scorecard from start to award.

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 BSC for Improving Healthcare: Dr. Magnet Case

Balanced Scorecard for Improving Quality and Efficiency of Healthcare: Case Dr. Magnet
Dr. Magnet specializes in offering Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) services to patients. It applied and combined Balanced Scorecard, performance management and process management in order to improve efficiency, patient safety and strategic alignment. In this webinar irt discusses how it achieved this.

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This Month's Top Resources


BSC Best Practice at CNOOC

Performance Management Leadership Award Winner CNOOC explains how they achieved BSC Best Practice.
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BSC at AKSA Acrylic

Read how Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame entrant AKSA Acrylic manages strategy with BSC
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Practical Tools for BSC Implementation

Learn from BSC Expert Dr. Hendricks how to make Balanced Scorecard work for your organization
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