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Mexico’s biggest nuclear power plant entered the BSC Hall of Fame with QPR powered strategy management system

Mexico’s biggest nuclear power plant entered the BSC Hall of Fame with QPR powered strategy management system (Implementing the process of strategy execution premium, “XPP”).

18 December 2014

The Indonesian Financial Services Authority executed merger and manages strategy with QPR Metrics

The Indonesian Financial Services Authority has been using its QPR Metrics powered SIMPEL named strategy management system almost its entire existence. With SIMPEL the Authority justifies its existence and performance to all stakeholders and looks for new opportunities to guarantee an even better performance in the future.

18 December 2014

Better quality government with efficient resource use for the people of Zacatecas

With the QPR powered balanced scorecard based performance and quality management system in use, the Zacatecas secretary of administration can trust it can always deliver on-time its indicators for the national comparison and to its’ senior management team for internal decision making. It has in use a friendly way of presenting the indicators that best accommodates the secretariat of administration and facilitate integration of reports - monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual.

19 August 2014

Caverion using QPR ProcessAnalyzer to measure process performance

New QPR ProcessAnalyzer success story is now available.

Caverion - data driven process performance measuring at the core

With harmonized core processes, Caverion looked to measure process performance based on ready defined indicators to ensure proactive actions to any discrepancies. And this based on data – get facts continuously from SAP to support correctiveactions. This is where QPR ProcessAnalyzer came into picture, the tool that was able to respond to Caverion’s need.

01 July 2014

Managing quality and performance with a QPR powered management system in the Vårgårda Council

The Swedish Vårgårda Council is making the most of their QPR implementation. By combining financial information, targets and goals with a powerful quality management system, the organization has a created a solid foundation for control and continuous improvements.


23 June 2014

Building a collaborative management framework for the Greater City of Istanbul

Striving to turn this vision into reality, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is focused on the strategic targets laid out in the Strategic Plan and Performance Program 2010 – 2015. The Municipality masters strategic planning, operational excellence and compliance with the 5018 -public financial management and control act with a QPR powered Integrated Management Solution.

10 June 2014

QPR Metrics assists AfriSam to improve and enable visualization of risk management and business performance

AfriSam, the South Africa’s largest producer of aggregate and the second largest producer of cement and readymix concrete benefits fully from its cost effective and flexible integrated risk and business performance management solution

27 May 2014

Social Administration managed with effective evaluation and steering in Ludvika Council

With QPR Metrics and QPR Portal, the Swedish Ludvika municipality has a fact based information base used in their daily decision making and development of its Social Administration business.

13 May 2014

Welcome to the QPR Community - Collaborate, learn and discover!

We are proud to announce and welcome you to join our new online collaboration platform, the QPR Community. QPR Community is your one-stop shop for insight into QPR! It is the meeting and collaboration place for all who are interested in QPR. The best knowledge for you can often be found from your peers. At its best, QPR Community provides the power of crowd sourcing to help you in your time of need!

07 April 2014

QPR EAXpress version 2014 is out

QPR launched today a new version of QPR EAXpress, the software tool offering the benefits of QPR EnterpriseArchitect as a standalone version.

07 April 2014