QPR Participates Strongly in International Development of Enterprise Architecture
29 March 2012

QPR deepens its collaboration with The Open Group, an international consortium focused on the development of enterprise architecture. QPR has participated in the technical review of the TOGAF® enterprise architecture framework and in the development of the ArchiMate® 2.0 Professional Certification Program. Through the co-operation QPR brings its practical experience to the development of standards.

Organizations strive to improve their operations and manage change through enterprise architecture. This means modeling processes, information, systems and the technical architecture. The Open Group is a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through IT standards. The Open Group manages TOGAF®, an enterprise architecture framework, and ArchiMate®, a modeling notation that supports TOGAF®.

The Open Group launched ArchiMate® 2.0 in January 2012. QPR participated in the beta program and helped develop the Professional Certification Program. Additionally, Chief Consultant Timo Karvinen of QPR is part of the technical reviewing forum for TOGAF®. Of less the less than a hundred ArchiMate® certified professionals globally, three work for QPR.

”By providing the consortium with our experience of enterprise architecture and of applying TOGAF and ArchiMate in practice, we help develop both the method and notation to better suit the needs of organizations engaged in enterprise architecture”, says Mr. Miika Nurminen, Head of Enterprise Architecture Services at QPR.

QPR’s product for modeling enterprise architecture, QPR EnterpriseArchitect, supports the TOGAF® framework and comes with the ArchiMate® 2.0 notation. The software is used, among others, in the enterprise architecture service operated by the Finnish Ministry of Finance and encompassing the entire Finnish public sector. In this service, ArchiMate is one of the notations used.

”The strong point of ArchiMate 2.0 is that it takes into account all the different needs an organization has for visualizing, analyzing, and describing information. Combined with a defining method such as TOGAF or the Finnish public sector JHS 179, you have an excellent tool for organizations starting out as well as taking the next step in enterprise architecture”, Nurminen highlights.

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About the Finnish public sector ICT function

The Finnish Ministry of Finance has decided to acquire the public sector enterprise architecture and process modeling service from QPR Software. Acquisition period is 2011─2014. The decision includes options for increasing the number of users as well as scope of services and to expand the acquisition to cover also years 2015 and 2016.

The Finnish Public Sector ICT function, JulkIT, is responsible for developing the use of public sector IT management, e-services and data pool, guidance of Government’s information management and coordination of joint development efforts. Between 2008 and 2011 QPR delivered the joint process modeling service for the Finnish Councils, the KuntaIT service (“CouncilIT”). The KuntaIT operations became part of the Finnish Public Sector ICT function in the beginning of November 2011

TOGAF® and ArchiMate® are trademarks of The Open Group.