QPR ProcessAnalyzer recognized in Gartner’s Automated Business Process Discovery Research Note
19 March 2012

In its “Understand How Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD) Can Help Improve Business Processes” research note (8 March, 2012), the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company Gartner Inc. lists QPR Software as one among the selected vendors in the ABPD market with its QPR ProcessAnalyzer Software. Gartner sees ABPD as a growing market and as a technology that organizations need to look into.  

“We are excited to be recognized by Gartner, especially as they seem to share our understanding that the key to successful Automated Business Process Discovery and Analysis lays in getting access to data and event sources. Having this especially in mind we have developed the QPR Connector for QPR ProcessAnalyzer for integrating on-premise and cloud based IT systems. Thanks to it we have been able to connect into systems like SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce.com and to help our customers in their Process Development challenges”, says Mr. Sami Tähtinen, Vice President for Products and Technology in QPR Software.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer offers organizations a fast track to automated business process discovery. Using data stored in operative business systems, QPR ProcessAnalyzer re-creates processes exactly as they unfold in reality. Unlike complex academic process mining software, QPR ProcessAnalyzer is uniquely focused on the business user. The software can be used as on-premise, cloud to cloud and on-premise to cloud.

QPR launched its Automated Business Process Discovery solution for Salesforce.com in February. Using data logged by Salesforce.com, QPR ProcessAnalyzer gives an objective view into sales by visualizing the actual sales process. The solution provides up-to-date information about typical sales paths and displays process performance metrics. With increased insight, companies are able to manage their sales processes better and increase sales. Some of the other recent new QPR ProcessAnalyzer functionalities include, among others, 64-bit version analysis environment, interactive reports for easy distribution, process cost analysis as well as several benchmarking opportunities (e.g. duration and amount differences in flow level, process analysis view, case attributes in path analysis).

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